Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ok...Here's the peek!

See...Nice red rubber...cling mounteds...
OOPS..I got the wrong side! SO SORRY!

I'm having fun & getting them inky!

No cooking here...but...

One project done...TONS to go!

Have a GREAT Wednesday.


Jenna Franklin said...

LOL Wendy - soooo not fair!

Margie H said...

You stinker!!!!!!!!
Wrong side, my foot! LOL!!
Happy hump day, my friend!
xoxoxo + blowing raspberries here!!

Linda Cain said...

You ARE a Stinker!!! I would have never thought to photograph the wrong side!!!!! HA!!! The mind is always working!

sharon said...

That's not teasing, that's just plain cruel!!

Elaine said...

Wendy!! You know it is bad stamp karma to torture blog readers like that! Glad you are having fun even if it is at OUR expense! ;-)

Catherine said...

he he he. Can't wait to see them in person!!